New Music: Quay Dash - Pop Triggaz
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Quay Dash's new single "Pop Triggaz" sees the Bronx rapper channeling Foxy Brown with a slightly more vicious flow.

Producer Ponyo takes the track into banger territory, as Quay slays every bitch in sight, letting it be known early on that she's realest bitch out there.

If her reputation and previous singles are any indication, this Cunt Mafia bombshell will have no problem showing broke bitches her receipts on sight. 

Check out "Pop Triggaz" below: 

Y2K Returns On May 2nd.
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This party was recently nominated TimeOut Chicago's "Best Dance Party Of 2013", so I guess we must be doing something right!

The madness returns to The Drake Underground on May 2nd. We're bringing the party from Chicago to Toronto with Chi-town Dj Mark Morales.

As always, expect all your favorite jams from the early to mid 2000's, guilty pleasures, and tons of hits being played all night. 

See you there. 

Smells Like Good Spirits: Diplo and Buzzfeed Feature The "Nirvava" T-Shirt On Facebook And Instagram
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It seems like the "Nirvana" T-shirt has a few people taking notice this week.

First Buzzfeed showed some love on their facebook page, and just yesterday Grammy nominated producer Diplo took the love to Instagram with a post titled "Respect the legends".  

It looks like Spring has officially become "Mmm bop" season. 

Lookin for a new way to "Express Yourself" ? Get yourself a "Nirvana" tee today so you can feel closer to these three little legends. 

You can find the T-shirt here at the Good Kids online shop. 

New Music: Cosmetics - Honey, Honey
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Vancouver synth pop duo Cosmetics first made waves back in 2010 with their two 7'' singles Soft Skin and Sleepwalking. On Record Store Day Cosmetics will release the Olympia Plus LPAs the story goes, this release contains tracks that were supposed to be on Cosmetics debut album, but after sitting on them for two years, the band decided something wasn't quite right. "Honey, Honey" is a song off the release and it definitely feels like the type of goodness you'd expect from Cosmetics. Sexy and smooth, with a lot of great synth and mesmerizing vocals. Their debut album is currently in the works and will be released sometime in the near future. Get into the track "Honey, Honey" below: 

New Music: Bayou - Airlock
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Londoner Hari Ashurst is mostly known for his blog turned record label, Double Denim Records, a label he co-founded back in 2010. Aside from the label, he also makes music under the alias Bayou.

The bedroom pop newcomer made a sweet splash last year with tracks like "Varsity Jacket" and the lush R&B standout "Cherry Cola". 

Bayou is set to drop his new mixtape Loopback next month on Double Denim. The first single off the release is called "Airlock". 

It starts off with some pretty frantic, wobbly beats, but then eases back into the dreamy goodness you'd expect from a Bayou track.

Overall, it's pretty awesome. A lot more playful than his previous stuff. 

Check out the new single "Airlock" below: 

MOTOWN Party: Winter Thaw!
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The sun is shining, we've come out of the dreadful winter alive and this summer is going to come back with a Goddamn Vendetta for us to have more fun than ever. This is how you can do your part:  

MOTOWN Party Toronto: Winter Thaw is tonight.

Guest Dj Splattermonkey joins the regular Good Kids to play old favorites and rare grooves from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, The Four Tops, The Temptations, and whatever else we feel like playing.
New Music: Donovan Blanc - Minha Menina
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Captured Tracks recently added New Jersey duo Donovan Blanc to their roster. These boys were making sugary pop music under the name Honeydrum before taking their sound into dreamier territory with this new project. Donovan Blanc finds these two Jersey boys giving hints of Bowie in their monotone vocals, with a lot of jazzy arrangements and smooth, crisp guitar licks. 

Their self-titled debut album drops on June 24th.

Listen to their first single "Minha Menina" below: 

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In honor of the greatest baseball team that ever existed: The Toronto Blue Jays, we here at Good Kids are massively discounting the cost of our Home Opener tee for the next two weeks. We got a great team this year and we're going to be giving out a bunch of tickets to home games on a weekly basis. 

This new batch of Olerud's, Carter's, White's, Stieb's, Gruber's and Alomar's are going to swing for the fences and we're gonna be wearing these all the way till we win the pennant!

Fresh Prince 90's Party Is Coming April 11th
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Next weeks 90's Party is going to be amazing. Will, Carlton, Uncle Phil, Aunt Viv, Hilary, and Ashley will all be there. Well, at least we hope they will be.

As always, best 90's themed costume gets the grand prize of $200.00. No pressure, but I think you might wanna take a trip back to Bel-Air to help get your look right.

Fawn BC and Chicago's PHNM will be spinning the jams and their will be free glow sticks and cheap drinks. 

Any questions ? 

The madness is going down next Friday at Johnny Jackson.

See you there. 

Photos from last months Clueless Party are up!!! Those were some of the best costumes we've seen this year!!


Chicago's Y2K party is crashing the Drake Underground this friday night!
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Good Kids is really excited about bringing up one of Chicago's most fun parties; Y2K to Drake Underground this Friday night. 

Y2K is a Party devoted to the best JAMS of the early to mid 2000s! Guilty Pleasures One Hit Wonders Chart Toppers and everything in between! Come see why Y2K was recently announced as a nominee for Time Out Chicago's Best Dance Party of 2013!

heres photos from the last one:

New Music: Viet Cong - Bunker Buster
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Viet Cong is a new band that consists of Matt Flegel and drummer Mike Wallace.

Once upon a time, Matt and Mike, along with Mike's brother Patrick and Chris Reimer were known as Women. They released two highly acclaimed albums before breaking up in 2010. Two years after their breakup, guitarist Chris Reimer died in his sleep at 26. 

This new song is a demo from one of Viet Cong's recent sessions. A lot groovy guitar rifts and nice vocals on this one. Can't wait to see what these boys cook up on their debut album. Check out the new song "Bunker Buster" below: 


Cowabunga! The NEW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie trailer is out!
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Michael Bay Directs, Megan Fox plays April O'Neil. No word yet of Corey Feldman reprises his role as Donatello.  

We've got passes to give away courtesy of Paramount!

check out out Ninja Turtles inspired boxes that our shirts get mailed to you in when you buy three or more!

5 Emojis We Actually Need
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Apple recently released a statement saying they're working on more ethnically diverse emojis for future iOS updates. This is definitely super awesome news, but while you're at Apple, I think there's some other emojis you need to add to the roster.

There's so many good emojis already, but there's just certain emotions I can't express with the current set on my Iphone. 

It'd be nice to have emojis that accurately describe my need for "no pants" days, tacos, and maybe a drunk face I can use instead of a sloppy text message at 4a.m. 

I've got five suggestions that might help complete all of our lives. Hopefully Apple will hear my prayers and make this happen.  

1. "Nice butt" emoji

We've all found ourselves ogling some babes booty at a party, on the internet, or in the mirror looking at our own butt. In a perfect world, there'd be an emoji that lets people know just how awesome said butt is. I envision something curvy, almost like a cartoon Beyonce. 

2. Taco emoji

This isn't even a suggestion guys! Just do it! Everyone should know that I'm eating all the tacos! 

3. "Drunk In Love" emoji

It took all the emojis currently available to express the sexiness in Beyonce's hit single "Drunk In Love"(see video). Why not just have one ? If you wanna "drank watermelon" or "serfbort" with a sexy friend after the bar, one character should be able to tell the whole story. Lets face it, none of us will ever be Beyonce. However, I think this emoji would help us relive our drunken sexapades in true Queen Bey fashion. 

4. "Flips table" emoji

When you're swamped with work and swimming in deadlines, sometimes you just wanna flip that table, grab a six pack, and party like you don't have a care in the world. My dream text would involve this magical emoji. Something that lets your friends know you don't give a single fuck and nothing can stop you from getting turnt up all night long.


5. "No pants" emoji

I think it goes without saying that pants suck. Who needs em ? I sure don't! This one needs know explanation. No pants day is a holiday that happens all year round. We need celebrate this joyous occasion all the damn time.  


New Music: Craft Spells - "Breaking The Angle Against The Tide".
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San Francisco's Craft Spells had everyone feeling dreamy and nostalgic with the release of their debut album Idle Labour back in 2011. After a small hiatus, the band is set to release their new album Nausea on June 10th via Captured Tracks. The new single "Breaking The Angle Against The Tide" is the perfect Spring jam with a much brighter feel than their previous work.

You can stream the new single below: 

New Music: Jay Boogie - 6 Speed
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Jay Boogie is an up and coming rapper from New York City. There's still not much to know about him yet, but this video for his track "6 Speed" will give you a good idea as to what kind of fire he'll be bringing in 2014. You can check out his last EP titled Pretty Spitta on bandcamp


Willam Beli Brings Yonyce On A "Gaycation".
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Willam Beli has been one busy queen since appearing on Season 4 of Rupaul's Drag Race. From movies, to T.V, to music, this man has been on a non-stop role. When the YO/NY/CE shirt dropped earlier this year, Beli immediately caught the fever and was spotted rocking the new tank top in a twitter pic not too long ago. 


It looks like this tank top has become Willam's new favorite because it also makes a cameo in DWV's (Detox, Willam, and Vicky Cox) new video for "Gaycation".  The video finds these fierce queens living it up in the sun, serving face, body, and a whole lot of laughs. If you look closely after the 50 second mark, you'll find one of their bearded hunks rocking the YO/NY/CE tank during a round a shots with Detox. You can catch the full video below. 

These queens know where their bawse at. Do you ? Hit up the shop and get yourself a YO/NY/CE tank top today! 


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Our March Mixtape: GOOD KIDS X PHNM: FREAK OUT MIX is available for free download in our Mixtapes section and it will be shipped with all orders in march starting today.

A resident of Chicago, Colin Rebey better known as PHNM (Pronounced PHENOM) has hit the ground running. Rebey has moved quickly in establishing residencies at some of the most highly populated clubs downtown. He currently maintains 2 weekly residencies at Sound Bar and Underground as well as monthly residencies at The Mid and Oak in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Phenom has toured throughout the midwest and has hit both coasts touring solo. His 2014 production schedule includes multiple single releases as well as free remixes and Beatport releases on Rad Summer. His resent remix for OWSLA artist Wuki garnered quite the attention receiving tremendous support during the 4th quarter of 2013.

You can hear more from PHNM by visiting his profile on soundcloud
Iggy Azalea And Charlie XCX Are Totally "Clueless" In The New Video For "Fancy"
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Shot in the same school where Clueless was filmed, Iggy Azalea and Charlie XCX are serving a whole lot of sexy and bringing back those outfits that made being a 90's girl pretty awesome in the new video for Iggy's single "Fancy".

Ladies, you might wanna take some notes because the Clueless 90's Party is coming up on March 14th. $200 prize for the best nineties themed costume. Which Clueless girl will you be ? 

Iggy Azalea's debut album The New Classic drops later this year.  


New Music: Marian Hill - One Time
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Marian Hill are Jeremy Lloyd (production and writing) and Samantha Gongol (vocals and writing), a new electronic/r&b duo from Philadelphia. Their unique sound finds them somewhere between Ella Fitzgarald and Drake, bridging elements of jazz and R&B into slick, upbeat electronic production that's sexy, smooth, and super addictive. 

The band has just released their new EP titled Play and are currently playing shows in NYC and Philly. Keep your eyes on these two because they're bound to blow up in 2014. 

Listen to their single "One Time" below. 


We're on a diet
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Motown Party Announcement
02/21/14, 0 Comments

Exciting news for fans of Motown Party! 

In the coming months, this awesome jam will be heading to Miami, New Orleans, and Japan. 

Stay tuned for more information on when the fun officially begins. 

Motown Party is back at Call The Office in London tomorrow and returns home to Toronto on March 1st at 751. 

New Music: Brendan Philip - The Old Ceremony (Santa Muerte)
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Check out the new single from Toronto's own Brendan Philip. 

5 Couples I'd Like To See At 90's Party
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90's Party is always one hell of a good time and the perfect excuse to bust out your best throwback duds for a chance to win some cash. This Friday is Valentine's Day and there's $200 up for grabs for the best 90's couples costume. Zach and Kelly may be the 90's Party muses, but they weren't the only lovebirds to rule back then. I've complied a list of some other couples that were badass, stole hearts, and had most people laughing, crying, and dying of jealousy back in the day. 

1. Al and Peg Bundy (Married With Children) 


Remember this odd couple ? The women's shoe salesman that can't seem to catch a break and the obnoxious, sex crazed bombshell that drove him up the wall ? In 11 seasons of Married With Children, there was enough laughs, red hair, high heels, and insults to last a lifetime. Fellas, if you plan on going the Bundy route this Friday, be prepared to have all your money spent and to hate your life just a little bit. Ladies, it's all about the hair, the walk, and annoying your man any way you can. 

2. Will Smith and Jackie Ames (The Fresh Prince Of Bell-Air) 

Jackie made her first appearance in the fourth season as Will friend/ex-girlfriend from Philly. While they claimed to be "just friends" all throughout the series, these two have a lot of history, which made their chemistry on the show undeniable. If people often describe you as "fresh", "fierce", and "stylish", then channeling these two cuties will be no problem at all. 

3. Xena and Gabrielle(Xena: Warrior Princess)  

These ladies kicked ass together and probably had one of the weirdest "friendships" in T.V history. Only two really bad ass chicks can fill these boots. Also, practice your punches and high kick. You may need to use them to help your girl if something goes down. 

4. Buffy and Angel (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) 

Buffy and Angel were both ridiculously hot, which is one of the many reasons these two babes won me over back when Buffy was on T.V. Killer stares and sex appeal are assets for this look. Ladies, dating a vampire might help a bit, but it's not mandatory. 

5. Waylon Smithers and Montgomery Burns (The Simpsons) 

Mr. Burns right hand man has been pining for his boss's affection for ages. Smithers has yet to get his man, but this fantasy love affair played out by two dudes in love could be a real winner this Friday. Dress casual and love from afar,  it's the only way to nail this one.  

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Good Kids x Keith Dungeon

Inspired by the Diva, designed and printed in Toronto. Available in our shop in unisex fitted tees, tanks and sweaters that'll keep you warm even against the coldest bitches stares.

Boxing Day Sale
12/26/13, 0 Comments

12/18/13, 0 Comments

This New Years Eve, the world is coming to an end.
Good Kids has partnered with REHAB and brought up a party from Chicago for you

Coming soon
12/18/13, 0 Comments

Coming soon

You want excitement?
12/16/13, 0 Comments

SHOVE THIS UP YOUR STOCKING!!!! Starting today, all orders at are shipped with a free copy of Bonestorm. Tell your folks; Buy me Bonestorm OR GO TO HELL!!!

$15 Clearance Sale
12/12/13, 0 Comments

We're doing inventory of our stock over the next few days and we'll be doing a big clearance sale tomorrow, but we've been doing a secret sale for two days now on the ladies Pizzagram tees and some of you took notice! We're almost completely sold out of women's sizes!
$15 dollar Pizzagrams. Ladies, get it while this sale lasts.

Whats Bumpin - BLVCK CEILING
12/03/13, 0 Comments

This week we're plotting to the dark drugged out goth vibes of Spokane's BLVCK CEILING. Check out the soundcloud here

Winter Sale
11/21/13, 0 Comments

Whats Bumpin' - SonReal & Jessy Lanza
11/08/13, 0 Comments
Some homegrown talent right here


80s Heroes and Villians single mailers
10/18/13, 0 Comments

We just screened some new mailers for all single shirt orders with all of our favorite badass movie heroes and villians!

Father figures indeed. See if you can name them all!

New Motown Party buttons
10/18/13, 0 Comments

We just got a whole bunch of pins made to give away in all our shipments and at all our Motown Parties in Chicago, New York, Toronto, London and overseas!

Sweater season is here
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Sweater season is here. Head over to our store to see our selection of super soft 80% cotton/20% polyester built to withstand Canadian winters. Set-in sleeve, fashion 2X1 ribbing with Lycra. Double stitched neck, armholes sleeves & waist rib. Quarter turned body to eliminate the center crease

2014 Pre Orders
09/13/13, 0 Comments
here is a sneak peek at a few of the releases we have for 2014. If you would like to have one of these before we release them in the winter, you can pre-order by clicking the pictures below and we will ship them out to you this weekend. this is a limited time offer.
This is our TV Party shirt. Its a wasteland of mind numbing forced style and cliched coopted slang out there that the M has lost its rightful place. The Queen is the first of 3 shirts and tank tops we're printing in discharge. Discharge is kind of like negative printing where instead of applying ink into the garment, its a paste that strips the garment of its dye and returns the printed area back to its original shade. When you run your hand over the area, its undetectable to the touch. Its breathable, gorgeous and we think you guys are going to like it a lot. 

Nirvana and The Less You Know are two new designs that are seeing production this week. The're both hand done CMYK screen prints done in our Toronto factory and printed on super soft pre shrunk unisex fitted tshirts. The Less You Know is dip dyed to produce the gradient fade from black to minight purple.  

You don't take something from Brooklyn. Brooklyn takes something from you
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Misty and I just got back from Brooklyn where we dj'd a really busy Motown Party at Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg. Motown has been touring around the world now for 5 years. Its a party that I can safely say has changed my life. We were up in Greenpoint for most of the trip with our fantastic host Mikey and his dog Leo who I kinda fell in love with. Mad love for our New York Good Kids team for showing us the best time. Rouge and Xylo from Arcane Elements Society are the most charming and beautiful girls you could ever meet, Blacky II from Rinsed It is the sharpest dressed dude who's ever rocked a party and Shane and Paco, DJ Tropic and DJ Henry C from Brooklyn Wildlife know how to throw a Brooklyn Rooftop Bbq Party proper.

Theres a second part to this story that involves a very angry Mexican with a baseball bat, NYPD Cadets and abandoned subway stations, but i'll save that one for another time.

We escaped from New York. We got Toronto Motown this weekend then Chicago, Montreal and Paris next up.
See you in a few weeks Brooklyn.

Whats Bumpin'
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This is what's been playing in the studio pretty much non stop this week. Mostly because Hunx and his Punx played last week and we all caught Iggy Pop absolutely set Riot Fest on fire yesterday. (Shout out to Pabst Blue Ribbon for hooking us up with a dozen passes)

Motown Party throws down in Brooklyn this Friday
08/28/13, 0 Comments

: our massive soul party we do in Paris, Toronto, London, Chicago and Montreal has now found a permanent home in New York at Cameo Gallery. We're there this Friday night:
Photos from the Previous Motown Party New York
Friday August 30th
in the backroom of CAMEO GALLERY
96 North 6th Street. Williamsburg, Brooklyn
11:50pm - 4am / $10

At midnight, come to THE BACK ROOM of Cameo Gallery, (Williamsburg) for another opportunity to dress your best and dance all night to the brightest music of a great era. Dj Misty Rock n' Roll and DJ Gone Rouge will be playing old school soul mixed with a few surprises-you'd never think you could move like that. Expect to hear some old favorites rare grooves and some remixes from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, The Four Tops, The Temptations and whatever else we feel like playing

We get busy, and this venue has *Limited Occupancy* so get here before 130 to avoid waiting in a lineup

-Come Through // #MotownPartyNY

Making Television Vapid
08/26/13, 0 Comments

With all the talk about Miley Cyrus stageshow of We Can't Stop at the MTV VMA's; we feel some of you should be reminded that the VMA's are a grand spectacle circle jerk where musicians are given astronaut shaped trophies for best music videos (videos that they didn't direct) by a channel that used to play music videos but focuses on reality shows about rich white teenagers instead.

now go buy a shirt:

Sooooo close
08/22/13, 0 Comments
Our big traveling MOTOWN Party is about a week away from being back in Brooklyn! Misty and I are getting pretty excited!

Shad's shirt game
07/31/13, 0 Comments

one of our favorite emcees in the game right now Shad is rocking some Good Kids wear in his brand new music video with west coast favorite Saukrates
here's a still

He's also repping our good hommies Doinitwell with their Racoon tee. Proper representation, dope song, killer video from Juno award winnning director Jusin Broadbent. Good lookin all around. Heres the vid

party like its 1999
07/29/13, 0 Comments

You asked for it, now you got it!!
Good Kids and She Does the City just hired us some Fly Girls and we're doing a

Friday August 9th
Annex Wreckroom (bloor & bathurst)
Alternative Rock / Pop / Hip Hop
$5 before 12:00 / $10 After
Get your tickets today!

-Free glowsticks for the first 50 people.
-$1 Vodka Jello Shots / $200 COSTUME CONTEST
(Think Saved by the Bell, 90210, Fresh Prince, Waynes World, Full House, House Party, Married with Children, or every Clueless outfit ever)

Anyway, there will be nothing but 90s music all night, you could win $200 for best outfit! feel free to dress up like it's 1999 (or 1990-98), You in?


07/25/13, 0 Comments

Little man Steven Fernandez has some solid advice. he's got serious legs up on his peers. He sounds like a little David Choe to us. Hes also a 13 year old professional skater who rips for Primative. Dudes got a gnarly Instagram account too. heres a vid of him when hes 11 just ripping it

We've got some limited editions of our prints
05/22/13, 0 Comments



 We have a few of our more popular designs for sale now as prints in various sizes in the Prints section of our store.
there's only 25 made of each print and then when they're gone, they're gone. Each one is individually numbered and signed.

Tone of Arc's 'The Time Was Right' LP, a Thrilling Disco Dance-Punk Trip
05/20/13, 0 Comments

San Francisco duo Tone of Arc are reinventing dance-punk in their own New Age gypsy image, folding vintage DFA Records into a wild and wooly mix that owes to the playfulness of Talking Heads, the modern mixology of Matthew Dear, and the fact that members Derrick Boyd and Zoe Presnick are an actual couple. Their collaboration is fluid and complete, an unhindered disco experiment that sees some serious fruition on their debut full-length, The Time Was Right, just out on !K7 sub-division No.19 Music.

Highlights include the Clash-inspired "Chalk Hill," a fairly faithful cover of Q Lazzarus' 1988 New Wave hit "Goodbye Horses," the deeply psychedelic guitar-powered "Hardly Standing," and the house-addled closer "Left Field." Still, each song is a journey unto itself — a combination of at least five winning ideas complete with its own mysterious tone and thrilling arc.

Our printshop is up and running!
05/16/13, 0 Comments

We've been printing up a storm in our factory lately, head over to our printing section and take a look at all the cool things we're up to at Good Kids! Heres a peek of some really vibrant tees that have come off of our presses this week!

This was a 6 colour water based print! Water based inks are best used on white and light colored garments, however they can also be used on colored garments to provide a faded, vintage look to them. Water based inks embed themselves into the fabric, leaving no "hand" or feeling of ink on the garment like you get with Plastisol. Because water based inks are more transparent, Pantone matching is not as accurate because the inks tend to take on properties of the color fabric it is printed on. For instance, white ink printed on a red shirt will end up looking pink. This type of printing is recommended for over sized or all over printing so that the fabric isn't weighed down by large deposits of ink. This ink is also eco-friendly.

Full color process, simulated process and index printing are all techniques used to create images that have a lot of colors in them using only a few screens. By blending specific inks together, we can create photo realistic images and detailed illustrations that contain hundreds of colors and shades. When viewed up close, these images are created using millions of tiny halftone dots arranged in a particular pattern to create the illusion of a many colored print. Exact color matching is more difficult for this type of printing, but when trying to recreate a photo realistic image, this is a great option.

Our standard print size is 15" x 17". Sometimes though, you just want something bigger. Over sized printing allows that graphic you want printed to really stand tall and not get lost on larger shirts. With two over sized options, 18" x 20" and 20" x 24", we can make sure the garment or poster you are looking to create can't be ignored.

Contact us today for more information about custom screen printing in our downtown Toronto factory.

Third Collaboration of 2013
04/27/13, 0 Comments

We’re excited to announce our third collaboration of 2013 with one of our favorite local artists; Riki Kay. Shes a fine artist who we’ve been following for years and recently has begun tattooing in the last few years and we’re proud to release a limited edition garment with her for Spring/Summer 2013.

you can see some of her work here

New Coffee Tables
04/27/13, 0 Comments

  We broke our coffee table. It was a piece of shit Ikea table that i've always hated and i'm happy its outta here. I found a place on Craigslist that tears down old barns over the last month. Waffles and I got them to deliver about 9 15 foot long stretches of old barn board and these barn beams we got cut to size to our place. Obviously The barn board was too big to fit into the elevator so i had to thread it through the stairwell up six stories. It barely fit.


   I had to rent a huge mitre saw and sneak it into the condo to cut the barn board, most certainly violating a few condo rules. I just blared classic rock the entire time and tried to time the cuts with the bitchin screams of Nazareth. The entire project took about 30 hours, if you factor the wait time it took for the stain and polyurethane to set. Waffles is still mad at me about doing it, but I snuck a mitre saw, all this wood in our place, cut, stained and assembled, and snuck the mitre saw out without anybody noticing. it was the perfect crime!

The barn beams were washed, sanded down, stained and lacquered with polyurethane last weekend. the beams are a coffee table/bench seating set up and the barn board became the record shelving TV set up. it was a surprisingly easy. the polished one is a bench that was commissioned.

Here's some progress shots

White Lung
04/27/13, 0 Comments

If you were lucky enough to be in Toronto last Tuesday night than you were able to catch one of our favorite bands White Lung the west coast punk rockers hailing from Vancouver, B.C. were back in Toronto playing the Hard Luck on April 22nd, 2013. The night featured openers TV Freaks and Teenanger, This place is a dive and its not a place thats trying to hide it. The kind of place that i used to see my friends bands play back in middle school because we were from a small town and they didn't let minors int establishments with liquor licenses, the same kinds of places that some of my first bands would play in. It may have been an dilapidated dance studio in another life. Either way, they built a bar and slapped a stage at one end and over the last two years its become a staple of DIY bands and all ages shows in the city.

  White Lung are such a force to see live. They'll be back in June for NXNE so don't miss out. It was good to see our hommie Kenneth again. The last time we saw him play with the band, it was at a small garage show on Cecil st with Total Babes that was in the middle of trying to be shut down early by the cops. the cops pulled the garages power but the band was running off a generator and Mish Way, the lead singer, she was standing, screaming into the mic, on top of the amps in the dark as the band continued their set while the cops were trying to fight through the crowd (who was totally not budging) to get to the generator. I don't think there's a band playing today that I enjoy seeing as much. They let us use their song 'Glue' for our Charity Arm Wrestling trailer too, which is pretty cool.

Their newest album Sorry is available here or at Deranged Records